Generic Levitra in the USA

Generic Levitra Online - How Soon Will It Start Selling in the US?

If you can't get hard enough for sex or if your erection gets flaccid during the intercourse, you may be researching drugs to help you. One of the most effective medications used to treat erectile dysfunction, Levitra, is often prescribed to patients with this kind of problems. Unfortunately, it is not only effective but also quite expensive, which is why many patients with ED come looking for generic Levitra online and wondering when it will be freely available in the US. Well, the good news is that you actually don't have long to wait as the US patent for Levitra, held by Bayer Healthcare and GlaxoSmithKlein is set to expire in late 2018.

Why Do US Residents Have to Spend Exorbitant Sums to Buy Vardenafil?

Any company does business for the purpose of making a profit. Where medicines are concerned, the market is huge, but the research and development of new treatments is a long and rocky road. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions on new drugs even before they start being used in clinical trials. Then they need to establish safety norms, carry out research studies and test their products on a sufficient number of patients. It is only after they are through with a lot of medical, chemical, legal and other issues and the FDA is satisfied on all counts that it issues a patent to the company for the manufacture and sale of a new drug.

Usually the patent is for around 10 years. At times the patent may even be extended so the manufacturer has enough time to recoup all the money spent on research and development and other expenses, when it has the exclusive right to sell the product. That is the plain and simple reason why new drugs are expensive.

If a pharmaceutical company does not make money on its FDA approved drugs, it will lose the incentive to develop new products. While you may well think that companies make obscene amounts as profit, do keep in mind that some drugs do not even make it to the manufacturing and trialing stage, but the company still has to spend money in all of its new endeavors.

If That Is the Case, Then Can I Buy Generic Levitra Online and Would It Be Cheaper?

If you run an online search, you will come across numerous websites selling generic Levitra at surprisingly low prices. If you suspect these are fake or counterfeit medicines, you are usually wrong (though, to be 100% honest, there are some scam sites that do sell all kinds of dummy pills instead of generic Levitra). It is possible that in the countries where these generic medicines originate, the Bayer patent is not valid. Or it may be that it is not worth it for a company like Bayer to even want patent protection in some countries where the average income per capita would not allow them to sell their products at the price they want.

What happens in the case of expensive but effective medicines, is that in different countries (like China and India, for example) that have large manufacturing facilities, drugs are reverse engineered and produced on a large scale. They have the same active ingredients as the original patented drug, but because the company has barely spent any money on research and development, it can afford to sell it cheaper. That is why you can buy vardenafil cheaply online.

Because these drugs are not patent protected, they can be sold for less even though they may be made in high quality medical production facilities by well-known regional pharma companies. Thanks to the numbers and the competition, the price of these drugs is very low compared to that of the original medication. These drugs then are sold locally and also make their way into other countries, including the US, thanks to vendors and shipping companies operating internationally.

So How Come Is It Legal to Buy Generic Levitra Online?

Here there is the thin line between legality and illegality. Technically, the FDA does not allow import of drugs that have not received its approval in the US even if they have been approved by the relevant drug approval bodies in different countries. That is because it cannot guarantee the safety and efficacy of the drugs that it has not approved. It is therefore illegal to import such drugs and sell them in the United States.

However, the FDA also takes a somewhat lax stance in the following cases:

  • if you import a drug for personal consumption;
  • if this drug, or its alternatives, are not available in the US;
  • if it is not mean to treat a serious condition (for which there are sufficient other drugs available in the country).

Besides this, if you can verify in writing that you have started the treatment with this drug in a foreign country and you are continuing it, and also provide the contact details of the doctor who has advised you to take the drug, you should be safe. This is the way many American tourists going to Mexico do it - a prescription from a Mexican doctor is usually more than enough to verify that you actually have the right to be bringing all those ED pills with you across the border when you're going back home. However, always remember that you are also not permitted to import more than a 3-month supply of any medicine - that rule should be observed both when you're ordering online from a foreign country or bringing a few packs of pills in your luggage after a trip abroad.

Provided you fulfill all these conditions, you should be legally safe. That said, it is unlikely that the FDA (or any other body) is going to come after you for importing small quantities of generic Levitra you bought online.

Anyway, things are looking good and the chances are high that you won't have to worry about the drug import regulations and FDA requirements anymore. You can certainly hope to safely buy FDA-approved generic Levitra online later this year if all goes well. This means that the quality of the drugs will be high as different companies enter the fray, the price will be competitive and you will actually get a wider choice in terms of brand names.


So is it legal to buy generic Levitra online or is it not? You're saying that FDA doesn't really care but that whole thing still sounds kinda sketchy... I'm really looking forward to trying the generics but it sounds like I can wait a little more...

Honestly I don't think they will let the court invalidate their patent in 2018. Look what Viagra did - we'll be left without any real choice for 2+ years more and that Teva offer is not really helping either.

Really hoping to see legal generic vardenafil hit the market soon. I'm currently buying online but it's always like your order might get taken away at the customs... I'm too old for that smuggler sh*t :)

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