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If you still think that Levitra is a medication so expensive that you would barely be able to afford it, here we come with an eye-opener. This medication can be cheap if you shop for it the smart way – the way that we will gladly describe for you in today’s article. It’s all about cheap Levitra – how cheap it can be compared to the sky-high prices in US-based brick-and-mortar pharmacies, what the smartest ways to get it cheap are and where exactly one can get it from. Read on – this information is solid gold for people with erectile dysfunction who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars every year just because some pharmaceutical company wants them to.

Cheap brand-name Levitra from abroad

If you’re currently residing in the United States, you can consider yourself one of the less fortunate Levitra buyers. While the rest of the world is getting this awesome ED medication at prices as low as $8 or $10 a pill, you’re paying $25 a pill or even up to $40 a pill in certain locations in the States. Is it fair? Hell no, it is not!

But hey, why can’t you just go and get your pills from abroad at exactly the same low price that foreigners are paying for it? In fact, you won’t even have to travel too far – Levitra prices in Canada and Mexico are exactly low as we have stated above. The medication is sold at $8-10 a pill and even the most expensive pharmacies don’t charge more than $15 a pill. What is even more fun is the fact that you can get your Levitra in Mexico without a prescription! Yes, you got it all right – these great peeps to the south of the border sell Levitra and all similar ED drugs like Viagra or Cialis right over the counter. You can even go into Walmart in Cancun and get your next refill without any papers whatsoever. Thus, shopping for brand-name Levitra in Mexico is not only cheap but also hassle-free! In Canada, however, a prescription would be a must-have – and it should better be issued by a healthcare professional based in Canada too, so… Going to Canada to get yourself some Levitra is probably not the smartest option out there – if you want to buy from there, better do it online.

By the way, just in case you are wondering. Buying prescription meds online from abroad or bringing them with you from your next trip abroad is perfectly legal – but only if you have your prescription in place. While the people at the customs almost always overlook smaller orders of Levitra (less than 3 months’ worth of it), if you’re caught with a bigger batch of it, which has an obvious retail potential, you’d better have all your papers in place.

Cheap Levitra generics

If you’re not quite alright with paying even 10 bucks a pill of Levitra, there’s a way for you to bring your costs down even lower. Have you ever heard about other vardenafil-based ED drugs, often referred to as ‘generic Levitra’? Well, these are definitely not some bogus pills, which is how many people see them – these are pills that are almost always 100% identical to Levitra in terms of ingredients and effect. They are most often manufactured in countries where GSK’s and Bayer’s patents for Levitra have no legal power – India, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and many more. As you might have already guessed, they are much cheaper than the name brand – sometimes up to 10 times cheaper or even more! A typical cheap Levitra generic will cost you around $1 to $5 a pill, chek on, and it will work just as flawlessly as its brand-name alternative!

Of course, you need to be careful when shopping for cheap Levitra generics too. We strongly suggest that you don’t fall for outstandingly cheap ones and always check what other people have got to say about this particular manufacturer, brand and the pharmacy you intend to buy from. Fortunately, there are enough forums, message boards and online pharmacy directories out there, so finding this type of information should be anything but difficult.

Cheap Levitra with discount coupons

And the last, though definitely not the least important trick that you can use to get your Levitra cheap. Google the Internet for discount coupons for Levitra and we bet that you will be impressed by what you will see. There are coupons for the brand-name drug, there are coupons for its generic alternatives… There are coupons for all kinds of Levitra and the best part is that there are always so many of them they can get you a lifetime supply of your favorite ED pill with no sweat!

In fact, there is no need to search high and wide for your first cheap Levitra coupon – just go ahead and get one right from It gives you a huge discount for the next 6 prescriptions or refills of Levitra (4-6 pills in each) and it makes this medication available to you at a price no higher than $8 a pill! And yes, you got it all right – this is the brand-name medication that you can get in the United States! Now this is what we call a generous offer.

Okay, now that you know so many useful things about cheap Levitra, looks like it’s finally time you go out there and start shopping, eh? Good luck! Hope that you will have a chance to use the information in this article to save you a few hundred bucks.


I have no idea why doctors usually consider Levitra to be the second line or even third line drug when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. My PA actually had me try both Viagra and Cialis first and they were just horrible - I did get hard but the side effects took all the pleasure out of sex. And then I switched to Levitra and boom, it's perfect. Absolutely no side effects and I'm hard as rock! I'm so glad Levitra exists and I really recommend everyone to try it first because I've seen so many reviews saying exactly the same. Think about that, folks!
Jimy Hinton

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