Levitra cost Comparison

Levitra Cost Comparison - Brand-Name vs Generic

Are you looking at treating your erectile dysfunction problems with a pill - and there are many different ones in the market - but the Levitra cost is holding you back? Did you know that generic vardenafil is much cheaper than brand-name Levitra in spite of the two being almost identical? When the cost of Levitra is a factor in your buying decision, then choosing generic Levitra over its branded counterpart may be the way to do it.

How High Are Levitra Prices Today?

Have a look at how much you stand to save by ordering generic Levitra over its branded counterpart:

Levitra Cost Comparison table
Levitra Strength Price per pill in US (brand-name Levitra) Price per pill online (brand-name Levitra, foreign pharmacies) Price per pill online (generic Vardenafil, foreign pharmacies)

The above chart gives you the prices that Levitra is sold at in brick-and-mortar drugstores and online. Keep in mind that whether you buy branded Levitra, though offered by foreign pharmacies, or generic vardenafil (any of the drugs with the same active ingredient that is used in Levitra), you are getting the medicine of the same strength and it should work similarly well without any dosage or regimen adjustments whatsoever.

Now it is your decision whether you want to buy branded Levitra at $40 for a pill or the generic vardenafil at just $1.50 a pill. And, of course, there's always that branded version from abroad for just $5 if that gives you greater assurance. Even more, you may get the generic version even cheaper than $1.50 from some websites if you run a search, but we strongly recommend that you stay within reasonable limits.

Why Is Levitra Cost Per Pill So Different Across Pharmacies and Online?

Brick-and-mortar pharmacies in the US and most other countries of the world (but not globally) actually sell branded ED medicines on doctor's prescription. If your doctor mentions generic Levitra, it means you may be able to get the generic version from a pharmacy in your country. However, generic Levitra is still not available for sale in the US because Bayer and GSK hold the exclusive patent for it, so if you want to save money, you will need to order it online.

When you order this drug online, you get to choose between the generic and the branded version from pharmacies in various countries. Pharmaceutical companies in countries where the patent of Bayer/GSK is not valid can manufacture vardenafil cheaply and so they are able to pass on the cost savings to you. And they still make a profit because, generally, vardenafil is relatively easy to synthesize, so its exorbitant cost in the US and some other countries has nothing to do with manufacturing costs.

Why It May Be Dangerous to Buy Low Cost Per Pill Levitra Online

You may get the generic version of Levitra for as low as $0.66 for a 10 mg pill from some websites. Is that not a tempting price to pay for stronger and harder erections? Here the principle of caveat emptor applies. If something is too good to be true, you should certainly be wary.

It is entirely possible that the too cheap to be true vardenafil either does not contain the sufficient amount of the active ingredient or is fake. It's quite common for super-cheap ED meds advertised online as vardenafil generics to actually contain sildenafil. They may work, but their performance is likely to be weaker or there may be more intense adverse reactions to the use thereof. In either case, you really do not want to take a risk simply because that gets you playing with your own health. After all, you don't want any serious side effects and just want the pill to work as it's supposed to, right? Being overly cheap meds may be a waste of money at best and dangerous to your health at worst.

Of course, if you find a great offer from a trusted online pharmacy and the medication on sale is made by a well-known pharmaceutical company, this may turn out to be a legit opportunity to save some money on your generic Levitra. I'm not saying that buying it super-cheap is impossible - you just need to remain reasonably skeptical every time you go shopping for pills on the Internet to avoid disappointment.

I Want to Buy Trustworthy Meds and Be Safe, Can I Still Get Them Cheaply?

  • You may be fortunate to get branded or generic Levitra cheaper thanks to various online promotions and other special offers - but always make sure the site you're buying from has got enough positive reviews from real customers.
  • You may be eligible to receive discount Levitra coupons from Levitra.com. This offer is available to patients under 65 years of age living in the US and not covered by any form of Medicare or insurance that includes payments or copayments for erectile dysfunction treatment. If you fit the above criteria, you may be able to buy original Levitra for just $10 a tablet (filling up to 12 prescriptions).
  • If you're just starting ED treatment, your doctor may actually give you your first Levitra pills for free - thanks to a special GSK programs, quite a few brand-name Levitra pills are distributed among qualifying healthcare professionals who can then offer these at no cost to their patients.
  • If you have health insurance that covers treatment for erectile dysfunction, you will be paying only a small fraction of Levitra's cost or even not paying anything at all. In case you are a regular customer of online pharmacies, you may be able to purchase Levitra cheaply thanks to various loyalty bonuses including getting Levitra free with bulk orders.

For buying original branded Levitra made by Bayer in the US, you will definitely need a prescription, so you do have to factor in the cost of going to a doctor to get that prescription.

Why Not Buy Vardenafil Pills in Higher Strengths and Split Them? That Will Work out Even Cheaper!

Branded Levitra is usually sold in four strengths, Levitra 20 mg, Levitra 10 mg, Levitra 5mg and Levitra 2.5mg. Under no circumstances should the maximum dose you take in 24 hours exceed 20 mg. The ideal would be to start with a lower dose and work your way upwards to a maximum of 20 mg at a time. In this case more is certainly not better. You will notice that some online pharmacies sell generic vardenafil of larger strengths - you can actually get this pill in doses of 40 mg, 60 mg and even 100 mg. At times the prices of higher dosages may be even lower than that of the recommended 20 mg dose or just slightly higher. This is done to sell more of the product cheaper and the idea is possibly that you should split the pill before taking it. However, you will find it difficult to cut a 60 mg pill into three parts or a 100 mg one into five pieces accurately (unless you have one of those pill splitters you can also get online) and it is really dangerous to do so with a drug that needs specific dosage. There is also a risk that the actual quantity of vardenafil in the pill is less than specified, in which case it will not work as it should.

Summing it up, we recommend that you only buy Levitra online from trusted websites with good reviews, or those that you have bought medicines from previously and know that they sell high-quality products. And there's no reason to be too scared of generics since, after all, generic drugs are supposed to contain the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts in exactly the same amounts. Although not all generic manufacturers are equally responsible, some bigger companies do offer meds whose quality is at par with that of brand-name Levitra. Do some research and stick with such companies' products - this may cost you a couple of hours or even days but will save you thousands in the long run.


Thanks for the comparison! Although it would be better if you also included the 5mg and 2.5 mg pills, lots of people take these, would be more convenient to have all 4 main strengths in one table.

Pill splitters are sold for like $2 in every online pharmacy and I bet you can get them even cheaper at dollar tree or somewhere like that. So pills with higher strengths are not a problem at all as long as their strength is stated correctly on the box, as you pointed out correctly...

Great post! I wouldn't trust the 100mg pills that sell as vardenafil either. I've heard most of these actually contain sildenafil.

That's just so unfair that some people have to buy Levitra for $40 a pill and some get exactly the same drug for $5! Really hope that bayer's patent gets canceled soon.

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